The joint Minneola and Ashland girls tennis team looks strong going into this season, head coach Katrina Krier said.

The team is large, even when considering it’s two schools combined into one team. Minneola drives out to attend practice.

Combined, the team has 17 on its roster, with six returners.

“Our varsity is looking good and our JV is looking good with that many players,” Krier said.

Having so many athletes is exciting, Krier said.

When the teams go to regionals, they have to split up into individual, school-based teams, meaning the groups that train together all season might end up competing against each other for a chance to go to state.

State qualification is a goal for the team Krier said, and it’s possible the varsity team may do it.

“My varsity kids probably have a really good chance of doing that, my returning kids, my junior varsity kids, they have potential, but to say they are ready to go to state might be a bit premature,” Krier said.

With the 2018 season close to starting, Krier said she is excited for the prospect of the team this year.

“I think our varsity’s gonna be strong and we have some potential with the jv team. So I think that’s encouraging,” Krier said.