Over the last three years, the Cimarron High School girls tennis team has gradually improved.

Head coach Frankey Schmidt has been in charge throughout that time. Initially, Schmidt had a team that hardly ever medaled at meets.

Last year, the Bluejays had someone medal in nearly ever one of them, right up through State.

"We are developing and growing the team and we're looking to our older girls to kind of help our younger girls that are coming in and we have not been disappointed,” Schmidt said. “We have good girls who are trying to be leaders to the younger girls."

Three Bluejays graduated from the team last year, one of whom was the partner of their player who went to state last year. Cimarron ’s doubles team finished 12th at the meet.

That doesn’t mean the team won’t be strong this year.

“I’ve got some girls who last year when we went to regionals,” Schmidt said. “They played well at regionals, so I'm hoping that they'll be able to compete there again so that of course then maybe we can make it on to state.”

The Bluejays girls tennis team is stronger in the singles players right now, Schmidt said.

“Our doubles players, even though one of our doubles teams is our seniors, they're still relatively new to tennis so they're not gonna be as tough as maybe our juniors are, but we'll just kind of have to wait and see how it plays out,” Schmidt said.