Hodgeman County high school head cross country coach Erika Craghead said she currently is a little unsure what she has this year.

On the girls side, her top runner is likely to be senior Sailor-Anne Seiler, a two-time state competitor who finished 26th overall at state in her freshman year and 50th overall in her sophomore year.

On the boys side, three seniors graduated last year, but that was the bulk of her team, so Craghead said she is working to convince kids to come out.

Once the team comes together though, Craghead said she hopes she can teach the kids perseverance and how to fight through to the end of the race.

Key to her work will be helping her athletes improve their times from either last season or the last race they’ve competed in.

Their first race, at Meade, could be a tough one to do that she said, as it’s usually hot and runners tend to struggle there.

The race after however, she hopes will be better, partly because of the day of the week it falls on.

"That tends to be one of our better meets because it's cooler,” Craghead said. “It's on a Saturday morning rather than a Thursday afternoon so it's a little cooler weather and the kids seem to run better there."

The Longhorns cross country team opens its fall season with a race at Meade Aug. 30.