The Kinsley High School Coyotes volleyball team finished 10-23 overall last year, but that was a record head coach Kristine Puthoff said did not reflect how much talent they had.

They struggled with consistency and finishing games, she said.

Still, going into 2018 the coaching staff is excited, Puthoff said. Both worked hard to improve, she said. The varsity team played in two separate leagues, while the junior varsity team played in one. They also had a team camp.

“Our greatest strengths are that we have four returning seniors and that I have already coached every single athlete on the team,” Puthoff said. “When I started at Kinsley, I was the junior high coach and those seventh graders are now freshmen. Everyone knows my expectations, what kind of dedication I require from each athlete, and how important leadership and team chemistry are to me.”

The team’s desire is also improved, she said.

“The girls seem to have a greater desire this year to go farther in our season and that is a huge strength,” Puthoff said.

This will be Puthoff and assistant coach Trisha Hines’ second years in charge of the program.

Entering this season, they plan to clean up the fundamentals they taught the team last year and work now toward improving team chemistry, serving and run a quicker offense, Puthoff said.