Kiowa County High School’s cross country team has ambitions for state.

Head coach Lori Wade said she’s excited for the team.

The Mavericks’ roster is small. They don’t have enough runners on the boys team to have a full boys team, but who they have on the boys side could stand a chance to make it to state if they can get a couple of pretty decent runners to join them Wade said.

On the girls side, the team is experienced. The team has a sophomore and two seniors in Regan Rhodes and Hailey Shaffer.

Together, they compose a team, but that’ll depend on if they can stay healthy, Wade said.

"The girls really should be able to go to state,” Wade said. “It's hard when you have just enough for a team, I've done this with tennis before when I coached tennis, is that if you've got somebody sick or somebody twists an ankle or anything, then you don't have a team, you don't have any backup numbers to help you there."