The Minneola Wildcats football team will be young this year.

They have some seniors, but as they prepare for a district slate that includes Satanta, Otis-Bison, Stafford, Bucklin, Chase and Ingalls, head coach Reigo Hahn said youth will be particularly prevalent up front.

They don’t lack talent necessarily, just age.

"They're very very good kids,” Hahn said. “It’s just we're gonna be extremely young up front on both sides of the ball. We're gonna be starting probably three freshman, (and) two sophomores on one side of the ball or the other."

Their discipline is bar-none, Hahn said, something he attributed to the community, school administration and school board. They also have four seniors this year after having none on the roster last year, he said.

But as the Wildcats prepare to start the season, how well they do may come down to how that youth holds its own.

"This year we have a chance to do well and it's gonna depend on how well our youngsters play,” Hahn said. “The seniors have done a very nice job of putting the work in last year, they had to grow up a lot last year as juniors, this year it'll be better.”

It won’t be an easy schedule, with Ingalls, Satanta and Otis-Bison all being teams Hahn called “loaded.”