This year is the one Kiowa County High School head football coach Tye Remy has been waiting for.

"I'm really excited that we're not gonna be out-aged on the field like we have been the past couple years,” Remy said. “I just feel like we've had a lot of disadvantages in having people having so many seniors going against up against my sophomores.”

This year, the bulk of the Mavericks team consists of juniors and seniors, and Remy is very, very excited about that.

"Now that they're a little older, I'm really looking forward to seeing how we match up against some teams,” Remy said.

Last year’s game against Satanta, a 42-8 loss, was one example Remy said he could think of, where maybe the team’s lack of maturity really hurt the Mavericks.

“The score looks pretty bad, but I think going into the fourth quarter it was 14-6 and we were battling, battling, battling,” Remy said. “Well, they had nine seniors to I started two of them. So I think that definitely our maturity this year is gonna be more in our favor than last year."

Already, he said he can see there is more camaraderie and a more positive attitude across the team.

"I feel like we're getting along really well and communicating better than we have in the past,” Remy said.

That’s been the thing he’s most pleased about, he said, and he has also liked seeing the team having some leaders start to take up and make good decisions so far.

"This early in the season I have not had a team that has clicked quite this well,” Remy said.

On the field, Remy said he thinks the running game looks much improved, though he said he couln’t explain why.

“I don’t know what the difference is,” Remy said. “Maybe just another year in the weights program.”

What remains to be seen about this Mavericks team, however, is how that will affect the team’s confidence going into this year.

"I felt like last year the most frustrating thing I had to deal with was a lack of confidence going up against teams,” Remy said. “There were teams I knew we could compete with, but I don't know if it was because we were young, or because we were not quite as strong last year as some other teams, so lack of confidence is always a huge question mark with me. Are we going to come out and compete with teams like I know we can."

The fact more of the team consists of upperclassmen has Remy expecting a little more confidence he said, but it’s hard to know for sure until the games actually start.

"This year it's just a huge question mark whether or not growing up is going to give us that boost of confidence where I know we can come out from start to finish and just handle teams that we should,” Remy said.