Kiowa County High School head coach Katherine Sneed has a small crew to work with this season.

There are three players on the team.

That, however, doesn’t mean its ambitions aren’t high. One girl placed seventh at Regionals last year, narrowly missing out on going to State.

"Really my goal is to get her and one or two others to regionals and state, at least put up a good fight for it,” Sneed said.

Though the size of the team makes it more difficult to compete for points as a team, the small number of players does have some obvious advantages.

"With only three kids, I can do a lot of just one-to-one and help each one individually instead of trying to spread myself so thin through practice and just give each more attention on the skills that they need to help them progress individually,” Sneed said.

The biggest challenge will be making sure each player has someone they can practice with who is at their same level to help them get better. Sneed said there is a fairly wide talent gap between some of the players.

That’ll mean the girls have to take some of their training on themselves.

"It'll take a lot of self-motivation on the girls part just to get 'em challenged,” Sneed said.

As Sneed enters her first year as head tennis coach at Kiowa County, the team will have its work cut out for it.