The Dodge City High School Department will induct Glen Piper and Jim Coffin into the Ring of Honor at Friday night's Red Demons football game against Haysville-Campus.

Piper graduated DCHS is 1957 and was the school's first ever high school All-American, according to a press release from Dodge City High School Athletics Department. A dual-sport athlete in baseball and basketball, some of his school records on the basketball court still stand.

He was also a member of the first ever team to play regular-season games in the Dodge City Civic Center, having played in the first ever Tournament Of Champions held there in 1956.

"Just talking to Glen, some of the coolest stories are how his upbringing was pretty tough and how sports were just an outlet for him and his brother," Dodge City Athletic Director Jay Gifford said. "Once coaches at the high school figured out how talented they were, it became more than an outlet, it became a passion for them and I thinks some coaches came along side 'em and made sure they did what they could do to help them."

Coffin was graduated DCHS in 1966, the son of Bob Coffin, a longtime DCHS supporter. Bob established J-A-G Construction Co. in Dodge City in 1962. Jim, who's getting inducted Friday, joined the company in 1970, according to the release.

Bob Coffin was instrumental in developing the current site for Demon Field in 1962.

"(Jim's) dad was the original builder of Demon Field when the school district decided they were going to build a baseball field on the side of that hill behind Memorial Stadium, it was J-A-G and Bob Coffin, Jim's dad, who originally designed that setup," Gifford said. "Ever since then, every improvement that's happened to Demon Field, Jim Coffin and J-A-G Construction have been involved in, whether it's been moving dirt, laying concrete. When I was the coach here they came in and laser-leveled the field and put a brand new grass infield in with red shale that they brought in with their trucks."

When the decision was made to switch to synthetic turf, Gifford said, they were in charge and completely donated the base and did all the base-work for the turf.

"They were responsible for the new dugouts, they were responsible for the new retaining walls, Jim Abel is a local contractor who owns J & J Powerline, he did the lights, and so Demon Field's truly a community project, it just has gotten better and better over the years, and it's always been the best place in southwest Kansas to play baseball, and they have been there every single step of the way," Gifford said.

The Red Demons take on the Haysville-Campus Colts at 7 p.m.