Nine days after opening against No. 5 Independence with a 38-20 loss, the Dodge City Conquistadors football team heads to Garden City to take on the No. 10 Broncbusters Saturday.

It'll be the opening game of the season for the Broncbusters.

The Conqs go into it as one of multiple games they play to start the season in which they don't have a lot to go off of film-wise, head coach Gary Thomas said. Garden City is at least partly familiar.

"We feel we have a decent idea of who they've got offensively, because I think the biggest mysteries are on offense, with basically an entirely new staff," Thomas said. "I would think we will probably be similar i what we do. We've always been similar with some nuances that are different between the two places."

Unless the Broncs have entirely changed up their offense over the summer, Thomas said he thinks the game will come down to if the team follows its own rules on defense or if the players start "freelancing" based on what Garden City throws at them.

"Generally the rules will always be right," Thomas said. "When guys start freelancing is when we start to get into trouble."

For the Conqs, however, preparation isn't focused around people, because the fact is, the Broncbusters have a lot of good players, Thomas said.

"To be be honest, going into and preparing for it, it's less about Garden City and more about Dodge City," Thomas said. "We still have to run our defense. If we're in man-coverage, it doesn't matter who's across from you, our guy's gotta cover that guy. If our guy can't cover that guy, or doesn't cover that guy, then we've got a problem."

Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m. Saturday in Broncbuster Stadium.