A week after losing to Haysville-Campus 47-9 to start the 2018 season, the Dodge City Red Demons football team faces the Salina South Cougars.

It's a road game for the Red Demons, and is scheduled for 7 p.m. a Salina Stadium, in Salina.

The Cougars are 0-1 after losing to McPherson last week 21-0. They finished 3-7 in 2017.

This week in practice, however, Salina South has not so much been the focus, head coach Dave Foster said.

"Honestly we've worried less about our opponent than we traditionally would because we had so many issues a week ago with getting kids to do the right thing, all of the time, consistently," Foster said.

The thought process this week has been on shrinking the playbook down, Foster said, and getting the players to play as well as the coaches know they are capable of. In terms of personnel, the team is pretty confident in who they have, he said.

"I think anybody close to the (football) program, including every player in the program that practices, knows we've got our best guys on the field or getting (repetitions) through the course of the game," Foster said. "It's really not a personnel thing. It's really more assignments, attention to details (and) effort snap in and snap out."

In 22 years as a head coach, Foster said last week's performance was as bad of as any he has been a part of in a season-opening game.

Less than two minutes into the game, the Red Demons had allowed a 96-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, a two-point conversion, fumbled the ball, and allowed another touchdown to trail 14-0.

"I pressed a lot of buttons with our coaching staff, asked a lot of questions between postgame Friday night and Saturday morning's staff meeting, (and) again on Monday," Foster said. "It was (an) eye-opening experience for many of us."

The team did some good things at times, but could not put it together, Foster said. There were also a lot of blown routes. There were times, for instance, when spectators could watch a route and think the ball had been underthrown, but it was supposed to be a comeback route and instead the receiver ran a "speed-out," Foster said.

For a quarterback throwing the ball to a certain spot, that is an impossible change to make.

"You can't change ball-flight," Foster said. "Some of those things we questioned live until we got game-film and they were just eye-opening. We have to pay attention to those details, and so I would say that's where our focus went back this week."

The coaches know the Cougars are every bit as good along the offensive and defensive lines as Campus was last week, and they have a solid defense, which will pose a huge challenge for the Red Demons, Foster said, especially after how the team performed a week ago.

"Defensively we felt like we played well enough to win," Foster said. "The kicking game: It was embarrassing, to the point where there's no phase of the special teams that was a solid point. Other than that, that's in a nutshell our approach through the course of this week."