The Dodge City Conquistadors women’s volleyball team took a 2-1 set-lead in Monday night’s match against the Seminole State Trojans, but lost the final two sets to fall in the match by scores of 22-25, 25-19, 25-22, 25-27, 11-15.

The loss came less than a week after the Conquistadors earned their second win over the season, beating Garden City 3-1 Sept. 19. Dodge City falls to 2-16 overall and hosts a triangular Wednesday against Friends University JV and Sterling College JV.

Conquistador head coach Rachel Williams said the team had a good week of practice. While the team has learned a lot throughout the season, she said the match against Garden City was particularly educational.

There, the team learned which positions needed what, and started to enhance those things.

Monday night, Williams said the outside hitters, especially sophomore Kate Warren and freshman Madi Spencer, did a good job creating points and doing the things the team worked on last week.

As the final result indicated, however, improvements still must be made.

“I still think we need to work on that conviction after 20 points,” Williams said. “That idea of hating losing, loving winning.”

With this young group, Williams said the team is still developing its understanding of pushing and earning something rather than having it handed to them.

The Conquistadors had their moments when they played with grit. In set four, they fell behind early and trailed 18-9, but fought all the way back and tied the set at 24-24 before eventually losing the set 27-25.

“This team’s real interesting: They do that,” Williams said. “There’s points in the match where I’ll be worried, and there’s other points in the match where I’m not, and that’s one of the points in the match where I’m not worried about our group. I do get worried if we have a bad call or if something happens. We’re a pretty emotional group, which kind of sets us off.”

In the meeting after Monday’s match, Williams said the team talked about not giving up long runs of points.

“I think that’s something that if we can get better at that within the next week or so, we’ll really challenge some of these teams that we’re going to come up against,” Williams said.

A total of nine matches remain on the Conquistadors’ schedule this season, meaning the team is a third of the way through its schedule as of Monday night.

Williams said the mindset is that the team just has to keep getting better, such as by identifying weaknesses and improving on those. A lot of this is up to the players too.

“They’ve got the tools, they’ve got the things that they need,” Williams said. “Some of this is changing the story. Some people think that the story’s already written or you see certain teams and it’s already kind of written out already. That’s our job to start believing differently and hopefully proving it differently.”