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In an editorial a couple of weeks ago, the Kansas State High School Activities Association sent a press release telling parents to “cool it,” emphasizing passion but decency.

The Dodge City Daily Globe published it.

Apparently somebody missed the message. I’ll take it a step further:

If you can’t show decency at a game while rooting for your team, don’t attend.

The kids, the fans, and the community are better off if you don’t. Stay home.

On a play last week during a SPIAA League Basketball Tournament game, a player was called for a foul for pushing a Spearville girls basketball player late in a competitive game. After the whistle, a fan could be heard from the non-Spearville section yelling something along the lines of “you should have pushed her harder.”

Of course such a push would have increased the risk that the player being fouled would have been hurt, and that’s my problem with the yell and whoever yelled it.

If you can’t be decent enough that you are willing to yell instructions to a high schooler that they should essentially hurt another player, the game is better without you in attendance. You are a representation of everything that is wrong with fans.

These are high schoolers. I can’t grasp how a grown adult can be willing to root for a potential injury of one.

I don’t care how much you like your team. I don’t care how much pride your community has in them. These are kids. They are in most or all cases between the ages of 13 and 19 years old. Not all can drive. None can legally drink.

It would be inexcusable to say such a thing if they were adults.

It’s classless and a poor display of what is apparently a lack of humanity for an adult to say something like that to or about kids.

Next time stay home.