The Spearville Lancers girls basketball team took control early and never looked back against the Pawnee Heights Tigers Tuesday, winning 60-37.

The game took place at Spearville High School. Last week, the Lancers took their first loss of the year against Kiowa County, then didn’t play particularly well in a win against Hodgeman County.

The energy of playing at home again was a welcome thing for the Lancers, but Tuesday was a welcome opportunity for the team to just get on the floor competitively again.

“It felt like we had a lot more energy and it felt fun to play again,” Spearville junior Mackenzie Foos said.

Spearville had coach Andrew Kempke said he was just more excited about getting the Lancers back on the court, particularly after their struggles last week.

“It was nice to come out and have the second quarter we had,” Kempke said.

That quarter included a 17-1 run by the Lancers to end the half. They outscored the Tigers 24-6 in the quarter.

“It was nice to do something like that and see us play that well, because to be really honest our previous three games we certainly didn’t look at any point like the team that was capable of doing,” Kempke said.

Foos said she thought the team just played with a lot more energy Tuesday night.

“We were a lot more relaxed and played more as a team together,” Foos said. “It was just more fun than it was last week.

Foos and senior Sarae Ricke each had 6 points. Senior Ashton Miller had 2, and senior Brianna Miller had 4.

The Lancers were led in scoring by junior Ehlaina Hartman who had 20 points, and sophomore Alissa Heskamp, who had a game-high 24.

For Pawhnee Heights, sophomore Jaden Carlson had a team-high 13. Senior Katie Amspacker had 9, senior Cadence Nondorf had 8 points, sophomore Madison Polson had 5 points and senior Stephanie Hands had 2.

The Lancers led 15-6 at the end of the first quarter, 39-12 at halftime, and 51-26 at the end of the third.

Tuesday night there were a number of things the Lancers showed they still need to work on, such as passing and going aggressively at the basket.

But they also showed they can play well, and that’s something they’ll need to do going forward both in the short and long term. Friday, the Lancers head to Kinsley to play the Coyotes, who they beat earlier this season but who gave them all they could handle. The Lancers won that game 57-50 in overtime.

“I think we’ve just got to keep the momentum going,” Foos said. “We have a tough game on Friday so we’ve just got to play hard and keep up the energy and just take it game by game.”