The Southern Plains - Iroquois Activities Association released its All League Basketball selections Thursday morning.

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from the list was Spearville senior Kolby Stein's inclusion in the Honorable Mentions.

In an awesome move by the SPIAA coaches astertisks surrounded his name, with a note at the bottom of the list showing them as signifying "Injured all season, but Unanimous Pick by league coaches."

He was the only player on the list with that note.

Here were the other players to make the lists:

First Team Girls

- Tricia Hokanson, senior, Bucklin
- Ashlyn Cure, senior, Ingalls
- Brecken VandenHoek, senior, Kiowa County
- Bri Rutherford, senior, South Central
- Hannah Askew, senior, South Gray
- Alissa Heskamp, sophomore, Spearville
- Ehlaina Hartman, junior, Spearville


First Team Boys

- Cody Lohrding, senior, Ashland
- Thatcher Lackey, senior, Hodgeman County
- Tuck Lang, junior, Minneola
- Kade Scott, senior, Pawnee Heights
- Owen Alexander, junior, South Central
- Austin Jantz, senior, South Gray
- Clifton Miller, senior, South Gray


Second Team Girls

- Catherine Bowman, sophomore, Bucklin
- Regan Ast, sophomore, Ingalls
- Sabrina Thomas, junior, Kiowa County
- Lizete Olivas, senior, Satanta
- Jordyn Jellison, senior, South Central
- Tyra Snyder, senior, South Central
- Christy Wiebe, junior, South Gray


Second Team Boys

- Greysen Gardiner, junior, Ashland
- Tate Davis, sophomore, Ingalls
- Camden VandenHoek, senior, Kiowa County
- Gabe Salas, senior, Satanta
- Xavier Frazier, junior, South Central
- Aaron Skidmore, sophomore, South Gray
- Cole Stephenson, senior, Spearville


Honorable Mention Girls

- Lacy Woods, senior, Hodgeman County
- Britlyn Beach, junior, Ingalls
- Grace Lang, junior, Minneola
- Jaden Carlson, sophomore, Pawnee Heights
- Emma Jantz, junior, South Gray
- Brianna Ede, junior, Spearville


Honorable Mention Boys

- Saul Medina, senior, Fowler
- Isaac Salmans, sophomore, Hodgeman County
- Cooper Zenger, junior, Kiowa County
- Chayde Snyder, junior, South Central
- Kolby Stein, senior, Spearville