The Dodge City Red Demons girls soccer team got its first win of the season Monday, beating Winfield 5-2 in the teams’ opening game of the Titan Classic in Wichita.

Sophomore Alisia Solis scored four goals for the Red Demons, and freshman Matty Scheck had one.

Before Monday, the Red Demons had opened with three straight losses to start the year, falling to Liberal at home, then Shawnee Mission South and Blue Valley Southwest on the road.

In the first three games, the Red Demons had been outscored a combined 13-0.

Offense wasn’t an issue Monday.

Solis was the first to score for the Red Demons this season.

“The first goal, she scored a free kick from about (midfield), so that was all on her,” Hernandez said. “She’s got the power and the confidence to shoot it from all the way out there.”

The others were all assisted, Hernandez said.

According to the Twitter account for DCHS Soccer, junior Perla Ailon had two of those assists, with senior Avery Donaldson and junior Maria Ramirez each tallying an assist as well.

“Alisia and Matty both were making great runs and our midfielders were finding those runs great through-balls,” Hernandez said. “We’re finally starting to see some offense after last year. It was kind of hard to come by goals last year, and hopefully this is a good sign for this year.”

The win moves the Red Demons to 1-3 overall, but advances them into the winners side of the bracket, where they will face the Salina Central Mustangs, (1-2) who beat Emporia 3-0 Monday.

“It was a big weight off of our shoulders,” Hernandez said. “I told the girls just to do the little things correctly, and not to worry about when will that first goal fall or when will we get that first win. We just concentrated on the little things, and they did them correctly.”

Hernandez said he has been telling the girls to play to try to improve. They’ve been working on making passes and shots with intent, rather than just kicking it away and out of the Red Demons’ area.

“I’ve seen the girls really try that,” Hernandez said. “I’ve seen a lot more dribbling, a lot more creativity and that’s what we’re looking for as coaches and they were doing those things yesterday.”

Hernandez gave credit to the players for the way they handled a pair of rough games in Kansas City — just one day of rest, then another game.

“I know it’s tough on them, so even more credit to them for coming out the way they did,” Hernandez said.

The Red Demons’ game with the Mustangs is scheduled for 4 p.m. Wednesday at the Wichita South Turf Field, according to the DCHS Soccer Twitter account.

After watching some of Monday’s game between Salina Central and Emporia, Hernandez said the Mustangs are aggressive when they’re on offense, something the Red Demons will have to watch out for.

“We’re going to have to meet their intensity,” Hernandez said. “It looked like a good team, so we’re going to have to be prepared and just do the little things correctly like we’ve been telling (the players) and taking those risks in (the Mustangs’) half so we can create some scoring opportunities.”