The Dodge City Red Demons girls soccer team continued to struggle, losing its fifth straight as the Red Demons fell to the Titans 4-2 Tuesday night.

The Red Demons outscored the Titans 2-1 in the second half, but couldn’t score enough in the second half to erase Tuesday’s 3-0 halftime deficit.

“We’ve been talking about intensity and passion and coming out with purpose, and we didn’t see it in the first half. In the second half they did,” Red Demon head coach Saul Hernandez said. “I know these girls can play, but we can’t pick and choose when we want to play with intensity, or that’s going to happen every time. We saw it against Great Bend, we saw it again today. We dig ourselves a hole, and then we can’t get back into the game.”

Down 3-0, freshman Matty Scheck deflected a ball in with about 38:51 left in the second half to cut the Titan lead to 3-1, but a goal less than five minutes later expanded the Titan lead back to three goals with the score 4-1.

The other Red Demon came after an athletic play in which sophomore Alisia Solis took a ball between two defenders about 20 yards out, stopped it as they ran back a step or two toward their goal while stepping to the side to get around them, then took careful carefully aim and sniped a shot just over the keeper's head in the center of the net.

Particularly brutal for the Red Demons was the Titans’ combination of seniors Maria Stephens and Samantha Vaughn. Those two forwards challenged the Red Demons with their speed, and each scored at least one goal Tuesday night.

That speed was something Hernandez said the Red Demons players need to be able to recognize from on the field.

“We can tell them from the sidelines, but it’s not the same,” Hernandez said. “As a soccer player you’ve got to adjust to that. You see that they’re faster, don’t let them turn. If you see that they’re faster, let’s get cover on them before they get the ball.”

Those kinds of things, Hernandez said, are simple.

“We made those adjustments in the second half, and we could see those adjustments in the second half, but there’s some things that us as coaches can’t tell them to do during the game, they’ve got to make those adjustments on the fly, because they’re the ones in there, not us,” Hernandez said.

Tuesday’s loss leaves the Red Demons at 3-11 overall. They finish the regular season with road games at Hays (May 2) and Liberal (May 9).