B&B Theatres operating after brief shutdown

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe
B&B Theatres, located within the VIllage Square Mall, reopened on Dec. 11 following a short closure after two employees tested positive for COVID-19, prompting them to quickly respond with their anti-virus procedures.

B&B Theatres in Dodge City demonstrated a prompt COVID-19 response that allowed it to resume its operations on Dec. 11, after two staff members tested positive.

Paul Farnsworth, B&B Theatres director of public relations, said the location was closed temporarily out of an abundance of caution, respect and concern for both employees and guests.

“It is critical that everyone understand there is no indication that the two positive cases were contracted at the theater,” Farnsworth said.

The employees were said to have sought medical treatment per B&B Theatres’ adherence to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quarantine guidelines and would not return to work until cleared by medical professionals.

In keeping up with preventive measures, according to Farnsworth, B&B Theatres has “indicated universal satisfaction” with its standing policies, known internationally as the CinemaSafe standards.

“Adherence to these standards has resulted in absolutely zero COVID outbreaks contact-traced to cinemas worldwide,” Farnsworth said.

Fortunately, the window of time was very narrow and any content that would have been on screen during that brief closure will be available at the Dodge City location, including "Wonder Woman 1984."

Furthermore, thanks to various grant programs in Kansas that provide benefits such as awarding more money to movie theaters based on their screen count, B&B Theatres has been able to maintain operational funds and finance its anti-COVID-19 procedures.

While these funds are not enough to completely offset COVID-19 losses, they have had an impact in maintaining movie theaters in states other than Kansas.

Farnsworth said that returning guests and employees can expect signature B&B service and an atmosphere that is safe, accommodating and comfortable, adding that while the protocols are extensive and comprehensive, the guest experience has been preserved.

All B&B Theatres cleaning protocols and procedures can be found online at cinemasafe.org or on their official website, bbtheatres.com.