Fire Leaves Garage, Contents Destroyed

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe
No injuries reported in a Dec. 20 fire to a structure in the 100 block of Cottonwood Avenue. Preliminary reports indicate the possible cause to the fire was a wood burning stove inside the structure but has not been confirmed at this time.

Dodge City Fire Department responded to what was originally called in as an outside fire on the 100 block of Cottonwood Aveue at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 20, but upon the arrival of the first truck, it was apparent that it was a structural fire.

“We called for a structure response and we started fighting the fire,” said Dodge City Fire Chief Ken Spencer. “We’re not sure what the cause is yet, it’s still under investigation but we do know a wood burning stove was going inside the building right before the fire was reported.”

No one was injured, but the entire structure and its contents were deemed lost beyond repair or recovery, including a car and a motorcycle, sentimental to the owners.

As Dodge City Fire Department arrived, shortly joined by Ford County Fire and EMS, to battle the blaze, there were several explosions with possible causes ranging from paint to tires to gas tanks from the vehicles.

“When we first arrived, the fire was already fully involved, we went defensive right away, it didn’t make injury to the house at all,” said Spencer.

Ford County Fire and EMS quickly set up one of their fire engines to pump water as soon as they arrived and kept one of their ambulances onsite as standby.

“Later we brought our tanker down and we were flowing a lot of water, so we went ahead and brought that down to supplement what we were getting off the hydrant,” said Ford County Fire and EMS Chief Rob Boyd.

While not yet confirmed, the fire department is leaning towards the wood burning stove as the primary cause of the garage fire.