Options discussed to remedy the issue of additional noncomplied land

By Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe

During the Ford County Commission meeting on Jan. 19, commissioners discussed options to remedy the issue of the additional noncomplied land as presented by Ford County counselor and attorney Glenn Kerbs.

The options were:

• Informing the violating party to vacate the additional 17 acres of land not leased in the agreement with Ford County.

• The second recommendation was to amend the lease to include that 17 acres of land and adjust the annual payment to reflect accordingly, including retroactively charging from when the party started farming on the additional 17 acres of land.

The motion to table this discussion was passed 2-1 for the sake of acquiring more information before making a final decision on how to handle the situation.

Commissioner Ken Snook excused himself from the motion due to a conflict-of-interest, citing a personal relationship with the other party.

“My only thought is, I think this gives us a moment to get it right,” said Commissioner Chris Boys. “If he [the violating party] wants to make it right, that’s up to him and his course of action and that will determine what we do.”

Any action regarding the illicit farming of around 17 additional acres of agricultural land by a producer who was only leased for 93.2 acres as part of a five-year contract that was entered in 2019 was tabled.

Commissioners also approved reorganization of the Board of County Commission, with 1st District Commissioner Shawn Tasset being unanimously named chairman of the board and Boys, 2nd district commissioner, named vice chairman.

Commissioners voted 3-0 to accept the resignation of Wilburn Township Clerk Gus Bartlett, who was voted to take over as Wilburn Township trustee.

Commissioners then voted 3-0 to officially appoint Bartlett as Wilburn Township trustee.

Currently, there is no one officially recommended to take over as Wilburn Township clerk, leaving it open.

Snook, 3rd district commissioner, was voted 3-0 to take Tasset’s place on the Community Facilities Advisory Board Committee.

A motion to accept the resignation of Lee Cole from the position of Royal Township treasurer was passed 3-0, and a subsequent motion to appoint Winston Hines as the new Royal Township treasurer was passed 3-0.

Ford County commissioners ended the meeting by voting 3-0 to move the Feb. 15 meeting to Feb 16 in recognition of Presidents' Day.