Farming on land to continue for the season

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe

Ford County Commission reached a solution to settle an issue of the farming of additional noncomplied land by an agricultural producer at its Feb. 1 meeting.

This was a continuation of a previously tabled motion at the Jan. 19 commissioners meeting under the conditions of gaining new information and allowing the violating party to explain the additional 18.38—previously calculated as 17—acres of noncomplied land.

The producer in question, alleged that he was not aware where the boundaries of the agreed 93.2 acres of permitted farmland ended.

After dropping two proposed motions to remedy the issue, a consensus was finally reached.

The first by 1st District Commissioner Shawn Tasset to cease farming and abandon the illicit additional acres immediately.

The second by 3rd District Commissioner Ken Snook to add an addendum to the original contract that adds the 18.3 acres to the original agreement of 93.4 acres at the same lease price and under the condition that the violating party also pays back the illicit two years he was farming the additional land.

A third motion proposed by 2nd District Commissioner Christopher Boys, passed 3-0 to allow the violating party to harvest the additional non-complied 18.38 acres for the season and charge them for the additional two years of illicit farming on the land outside of the original 93.2 acres.

Afterwards, the producer was to return to farming the original complied 93.2 acres, that he entered with Ford County in 2019 as part of a five-year lease agreement.

Commissioners passed 3-0 to renew the naming rights between Venuworks and Boot Hill Casino and Resort.

The approval to seek bids for the second phase of the Jewel Road Reclamation project passed unanimously.

Western State Bank Expo Center was approved 3-0 to apply for a Mariah Fund grant in order to finance a pending event intending to take place in September 2021.

The grant will be able to fund 80% of the event.

Commissioners passed 3-0 to allow Ford County Technology to partner with Information Technology service provider ConvergeOne to set up 15 local area network switches in the amount of $10,900.

The switch area will cover the Ford County Jail and sheriff’s office, Ford County Health Department and Western State Bank Expo Center facilities.

The next Ford County Commissioners’ meeting will be held on Feb. 16, in place of Feb. 15 in honor of Presidents’ Day.