Reinke Honors Nick Hibbert with PLUS Service Award

Special to the Globe

Reinke Manufacturing announced recently that Nick Hibbert with Outlaw Irrigation in Cimarron, has earned the PLUS (Proven Leaders in Unmatched Service) Certified Technician Award.

The award is one of the most elite technical service designations awarded by Reinke.

“Being recognized as a PLUS Certified Technician is a remarkable accomplishment,” said Ken Goodall, Director of North American sales, Reinke in a news release. “Zach has completed one of the most extensive technical service trainings available to Reinke dealerships and is to be commended for his hard work.”

The PLUS Certified Technician Program consists of a series of technical service-training classes and tests. Hibbert received the PLUS award by completing all classes and receiving very high marks on all testing.

“We understand how important qualified service technicians are to growers when they make their buying decisions,” added Goodall. “That’s the focus of our technical service programs, to consistently build on the level of service capabilities of Reinke dealers across the country and further our commitment to the industry.”

With hundreds of dealers in more than 40 countries, Reinke Manufacturing is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems.

Family owned since 1954, and headquartered in Deshler, Neb., Reinke develops products and technology designed to increase agriculture production while providing labor savings and environmental efficiencies.

Reinke is a continued leader in industry advancements as the first to incorporate GPS, satellite-based communications and touchscreen panel capabilities into mechanized irrigation system management.

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