Dodge City approves 2021 street projects

Funding from GOB funds will be for $4,698,375

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe

Dodge City Commissioners approved the 2021 street projects on Monday.

Commissioners, along with director of engineering Ray Slattery and civil engineer Tanner Rutschman, presented the to the commissioners the proposal prior to the meeting in a work session.

Among the proposals were:

Design for street improvements will take place at US-50 highway and Loretta Drive intersection, which would add a second entrance to Dodge City High School; construction of the widening of Trail Street; reroute of McCaustland No. 2 and reconstruction of Comanche Street near the Walmart access by 14th Avenue.

There will also be repairs to 2nd Avenue and 14th Avenue bridges; levee certification improvements and drainage improvements at the Avenue D and Wyatt Earp Boulevard intersection.

"Every year we put this program together through the commission based on Pavement Condition Index scores of asphalt streets, staff maintenance records, the city’s comprehensive plan and inspection of the city streets," Rutschman said.

Funding sources for the city street projects will be $200,000 from special streets fund, $3,050,000 from General Obligation Bonds, $1,625,000 from other GOB funds, $23,375 from public art fund and $1,965,000 from previous GOB projects.

Special streets will consist of mastic crack sealing, small crack sealing, traffic signal improvements and sidewalk construction.

Traffic signal improvements will be made at Central Avenue and Soule Street/University Drive intersection and the east Wyatt Earp Boulevard and US-56/US-283 intersection.

A total of GOB funds for the project comes in at $4,698,375.

"I would like to mention that a couple of the GOB projects, McCaustland No. 2 reroute has a dedicated fund source and the city and the county's share of the property tax for Nor-Am (storage) that property tax would go towards paying off a portion of that project," Rutschman said.

According to city manager Nick Hernandez, the property tax for McCaustland No. 2 is a 10-year agreement.

Rutschman added that city public works is working with Federal Emergency Management Agency for funding on the Avenue D drainage improvement project.

"We are waiting to get more information back on that so there is potential for additional funding there," Rutschman said.

The street program for 2021 was approved with a 5-0 vote.

Commissioners also approved a street improvement project for the Casa Del Rio housing subdivision along 14th Avenue and Pheasant Street just north of 14th Avenue bridge.

The new housing development will be for 23 single-family housing units.

The street project would be for Building Solutions LLC, for the construction of the street improvements for Phase 1 in the amount of $455,894.50.

Funding for the project will be through the Rural Housing Incentive District.

The street improvement bid to Building Solutions was approved with a 5-0 vote.

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