City, USD 443, DCCC and area seats up for grabs

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe

The filing deadline is set for upcoming local elections for the Dodge City Commission, Dodge City Unified School District 443 Board of Education and Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees in Dodge City.

Seats will also be up for grabs for the Spearville City Council, Ford City Council, Bucklin USD 459 and Spearville USD 381 boards, among several others.

According to Ford County clerk Debbie Cox, the filing deadline for positions is noon June 1 and the general election will take place on Nov. 2 in Ford County.

"The local elections are nonpartisan," said Cox. "There is a small filing fee when you sign up that must be paid at the time of filing."

The following offices will be up for election this year:

• Dodge City Community College — four positions.

• Dodge City Commission — three positions.

• Dodge City USD 443 — four at-large positions.

• Bucklin City Council — three positions

• Bucklin USD 459 — three at-large positions and one unexpired term.

• Bucklin Hospital District Board — two positions.

• Ford City Council — Mayor and two city council.

• Spearville City Council — Mayor and three city council.

• Spearville USD 381 — District 1, Position 4; District 2, Position 5; District 3, Position 6 and one unexpired term, District 1, Position 1.

• Lewis Drainage District Board — three positions

• Wilroads Garden Drainage District Board — three positions.

• Wilroads Garden Improvement District Board — three positions.

• Wright Improvement District Board — three positions.

In Dodge City, the following are the members who will be up for re-election this year:

• For the city commission, Joseph Nuci, Brian Delzeit and Blanco Soto.

"With the city commission there are two four-year terms up and one two-year term," said Cox. "The top three votegetters will get the position, with the lowest out of the three getting the two-year terms."

• For the Dodge City Community College, the trustees up for re-election are Kathy Ramsour, Mia Schraeder Korbelik, Dan Reichenborn and Gary Harshberger.

• For Dodge City USD 443, the board of education members up for re-election are Pamela Preston, Jeff Hiers, Tamie West and Lisa Killion.

According to Cox, there has not been anyone, including incumbents, who has filed for a position at this time.

To file for an office, contact the Ford County Clerk’s Office at 620-227-4551.

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