Annual Highway 50 Yard Sale set for May 21-23

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe

The 22nd annual “Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale” has been scheduled for May 21-23 for communities across Highway 50.

First starting in Indiana in 2000, the yard sale runs nationwide from Maryland to California.

The concept of the sale came from national coordinator Tom Taylor and his local community in North Vernon, Indiana.

“I am very excited about this year’s sale,” Taylor said. “We did not promote the sale much last year due to the pandemic. This year people are anxious to get out and it could be and exceptional year for sales.”

“This is an opportunity for individuals to clean house, to find bargains, and to earn money. It is a winner for all.”

Some of the communities that take part in the sale are organized through their local chamber of commerce, tourism bureau or other organization.

Even if local communities do not have formal organization, schools, churches, clubs and other organizations use the sale as a way to fund raise.

It does not cost anything to participate and all sales are subject to any local legal requirements.

"All sales are individually organized," said Taylor. "Vendors are reminded not to set-up on state right-of-way, nor private property without permission.

"They should allow for off-road parking and consider safety for those leaving and returning to the road.

"All local laws apply and should be followed."

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