New community outreach session to be held at recycle center

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe

To get more community involvement with the City of Dodge City, city officials will begin a new outreach program titled, "City of Dodge City: Chats," a monthly chat session with members of the community.

The first chat session will be held on April 14, from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the new recycle center located at 124 N. 14th Ave. in Dodge City.

According to city officials, the chats will allow community members to have an open discussion with city staff and have an opportunity to tour and learn about the numerous facilities that the different departments operate.

“I mentioned at the State of the City event that a goal for this year is to expand our transparency efforts with the community and these chat events are just one of the ways we are working to do that,” said city manager Nick Hernandez. “At the heart of it, we work for the community and the best way for residents to get answers to questions they may have is by coming to us directly.”

The monthly chats will rotate to a different city-owned facility each month to allow attendees to have open discussions with staff attending but also learn about each city department and their divisions.

Future chat sessions will be announced through the official City of Dodge City Facebook page, in the monthly Community Newsletter, and at

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