City approves vote tally for new Dodge City Flag

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe
The new Dodge City Flag, with 212 out of 658 votes, was approved by city commissioners on Monday based on the voting of Dodge City citizens which began in March.

The votes are in and with 212 votes, the citizens of Dodge City voted on the new black-starred, gold backdrop with black and white stripe, to represent Dodge City as its new flag.

According to city officials, there were five options to choose through for the new Dodge City Flag with the vote concluding on March 31.

City officials said the flag will serve as a symbol for Dodge City and a source of civic pride.

According to city public information officer Abbey Martin, there were 658 total votes tallied for the flag options.

"The flag contest idea started when we were doing the rebrand process with A|D Creative," Martin said. "They did provide a flag design but staff thought it would be best to have more community input on it so in August (2020), we launched the design portion of the contest and did receive some local designs."

In March the flag designs went to a vote for citizens and the approval of that choice came during the Monday city commission meeting.

According to city staff, the golden color of the flag represents both wheat fields and the native tallgrass of the Western Kansas prairie. The thin black line represents the bedrock of the past, on top of which the white stripe represents both progress and hope for the future. The circled black star is a nod to the marshal's badge of a Wild West lawman and ties into the new Dodge City Seal.

Commissioners approved the new flag with a 4-0 vote.

Commissioner Kent Smoll was absent from the meeting and did not vote.

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