Jewell Road reclamation project moves forward

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe

Ford County commissioners approved the 2021 asphalt program for county roads along with an approval of the Jewell Road reclamation project on Monday.

For the 2021 asphalt road program, according to county road and bridge superintendent Chris O'Neal, for the annual summer asphalt program for the cold mix asphalt bid, one bid came from APAC Kansas in Dodge City, for 9,000 tons for $652,772.

For emulsion oil, bids from Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions out of Dodge City, came in for $327,250 with a bid from Vance Brothers coming in at $428,750. Commissioners approved the bid from Ergon, unanimously.

For sealing sand, the county received two bids, one from Hard Rock Sand and Gravel out of Dodge City for $52,000 and the second bid from Huber Sand out of Garden City for $44,800.

O'Neal recommended going with Hard Rock Sand and Gravel saying, "Huber sand the material is only available out of their Garden City pit, so I ran some numbers on that and all those prices would be our trucks going and getting it. So I started out by going from Dodge City and going to the various sites, all that time and the drivers going with our trucks it would be $30,940 extra cost for us going to Dodge City to the various sites. To go to Garden City to get materials, it would be $60,606 more."

The commissioners approved the bid from Hard Rock Sand and Gravel with a 3-0 vote.

The Jewell Road reclamation project was discussed by commissioners for engineering devices. According to engineering consultant with Kirkham-Michael John Halbgweachs, the cost for the Jewell Road reclamation was not to exceed $237,986.70. A higher price tag than the originally estimated $207,000. The project would take 81 days to complete.

"With time and materials we'll see what it shakes out to when we're done," Halbgweachs said.

With the cost being higher than the original estimate, commissioners debated on the approval of the project.

"This is a tough pill to take, when I went through this looking at the project, its a lot of money for 80 days," said commissioner Chris Boys.

"I am certainly not wanting to disparage anybody from trying to make a profit at their business," commissioner Shawn Tasset said. "I share commissioner Boys' concern of almost a quarter of million dollars, and I know that we talked about a good portion of this but this is a little bit higher than what our estimate was."

Tasset added the project is needed to be done with more needed coming soon for the county roads.

"We got to move forward," Tasset said. "The number we originally talked about and we got a $30,000 difference here now I don't want to hold up a $3 million project over $30,000. But at the same time at a quarter-million dollars I think it warrants at least mentioning, that I feel that's a lot of money."

Boys added prior to a final vote that the commission will need to think about its engineering services going forward.

"When it comes to dollars like this with that 2.3 multiplier, when you're talking 36 becomes 82 and you add on the next hundred, it's something we might have to hire someone on staff or maybe find where we're using a local agency to use for those next projects, these are big," Boys said. "We'd want those people to be in county I would think. John no offense, but there's a multiplier every time and it would be nice to have somebody that can do different projects for us. That's $240,000 on one project."

The commissioners approved the reclamation devices for Jewell Road with a 3-0 vote.

Ford County Fire and EMS requested permission from the commission to go out for bids for a cement contractor for a 70-foot by 100-foot and six-inch thick slab for the fire and EMS training grounds.

Commissioners granted the approval for the bid request unanimously.

Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr sought permission from the commission for the purchase of a 2019 Dodge Charger vehicle from the Kiowa County Sheriff's Office.

"We're needing to replace some cars in the civil process division," Carr said. "I have funds available so it will not effect the county's budget in any fashion. It has 13,000 miles on it and it's just been sitting and they offered it to us for $20,000."

The commission approved the purchase 3-0.

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