Milstock addition given replatting approval for new housing

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe

Another housing development process is underway for the City of Dodge City as city commissioners approved a replatting of the Milstock Addition, located near Wright Avenue and Division Street in Dodge City.

According to city officials, Volz Builders, the property owners were looking to replat the property to allow for single-family housing developments.

According to city planning and zoning administrator Nathan Littrell, the planning commission met on May 11 to review and recommend the approval of the plat.

"The plat's basically taking the existing plat and shifting it down south where it terminates, creating one larger lot on the northern end," said Littrell. "Otherwise its basically all the southern lots retain their original size. It is in compliance with the city's comprehensive plan."

Commissioners approved the replatting with a 5-0 vote.

The Dodge City Police Department will be switching contracts for its Body Worn Camera program.

The DCPD will move to Watch Guard after a five-year stint with Axon.

According to DCPD chief Drew Francis, the previous contract will expire in June this year.

"We have identified Watch Guard as the company that we recommend moving to," said Francis. "The contract is a five-year and the total price is $302,525."

According to Francis, the previous storage of data would get migrated over to Watch Guard.

The change was approved by the commissioners with a 5-0 vote.

Levee improvements for the Avenue D drainage were approved for a $625,775 bid from Max Jantz Excavating, LLC which came in under the engineer estimate of $850,000.

"This drainage finger is part of the north levee system and back in 2019, it experienced some pretty significant erosion after one of its gabions failed," said city engineer Tanner Rutschman. "The channel started to erode north up the channel and was starting to approach some of our utility crossings that go under the levee which are two large sanitary sewer interceptors and a large water main."

Rutschman added that public works was able to install at that time a  temporary protective measures to help mitigate additional erosion.

"We needed to move forward and design something to a permanent fix to it," said Rutschman.

According to Rutschman, the city worked with the Army Corps of Engineers to help determine the cause and to provide funding assistance.

The Corps provided materials for the project which came in close to $300,000.

Funding from the city will come from General Obligation Bonds.

Commissioners unanimously approved a purchase of new 96-gallon wheeled trash carts for the sanitation department for 624 new carts through vendor Toter.

According to city officials, the bid from Toter came in at $35,072.16 or $56.21 per cart. The items were budgeted through the sanitation department.

When the new Casa Del Rio housing addition is developed, there will be a new set of street names to go with it.

Commissioners approved a name change to several streets that will make up the addition.

The new street names which replaced existing names are now El Mustang Road; La Ruby Road; La Paloma Road; El Capitan Road; El Rio Road and La Lily Road.

The Casa Del Rio housing project is located south on Pheasant Street west of 14th Avenue and will consist of 23 new residences.

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