Sellens elected as American Legion Auxiliary National Executive Committeewoman

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe
Paula Sellens of Dodge City, was elected American Legion Auxiliary National Executive Committeewoman.

During the 2020–2021 American Legion department convention in Topeka, Dodge City resident Paula Sellens was elected as the American Legion Auxiliary National Executive Committeewoman.

With the election Sellens added to her list of leadership positions of serving with the American Legion Auxiliary.

She is the president of the Dodge City American Legion Auxiliary Unit 47 and in 2016 was elected Auxiliary District 8.

In 2019, Sellens was named the Kansas Auxiliary Department president.

In Dodge City and surrounding areas, Sellens began the Veterans Art Program which serves residents of Kansas Soldier's Home at Fort Dodge.

“The coronavirus curtailed my Fort Dodge veterans’ assistance program this year,” Sellens said. “I used this setback as an opportunity to develop other programs to help veterans.”

Sellens will function as a national officer representing Kansas in her position of national executive committeewoman.

As part of her duties, Sellens will attend national executive committee meetings and the national convention at the expense of the National American Legion Auxiliary.

Sellens, along with her husband Charlie Sellens, will be attending the American Legion National Convention held in Arizona this August.

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