Kansas launches COVID-19 vaccine campaign


In an effort to get the Hispanic community in Kansas vaccinated against COVID-19, Gov. Laura Kelly and the Kansas Hispanic & Latino American Affairs Commission and the Kansas Department of Health have developed the campaign "Por Los Nuestros" Voices of our Community, directed at the Hispanic "Kanseños" who represent 12.2% of the total population. 

The campaign will be implemented as of June 28 until Aug. 30.   

“While we’ve made progress to get vaccines to Hispanic communities across Kansas, we know there is more work to do,” Kelly said. “I want to thank all of our partners and Claudio Suárez for working together to fight this virus and to keep Kansans safe and healthy.” 

The main objective of the campaign is to educate the communities with a direct and clear message in which the benefits of getting vaccinated are promoted by celebrating the great events that culturally define Hispanics, such as family activities, “quinceañeras” (a 15th birthday celebration), weddings and sports which unifies most Hispanics. 

For general information on the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccination centers, schedules, availability, and eligibility visit kansasvaccine.gov.