Southwest Storm arena football team introduced in Dodge City

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe
The new owners of Southwest Storm arena football team made its official announcement at United Wireless Arena on Thursday. The owners consist of Dr. Jammie Phillips, Chad and Brock Kerr, Jeremy Farr, Tom Harmon, Kurt Litton, Jeff Hilger and Dennis Boyles (not pictured).

The new arena football team Southwest Storm were introduced to Dodge City Thursday evening at United Wireless Arena.

The team is the newest expansion team in the Champions Indoor Football league and replaces the previous Dodge City team, the Dodge City Law which had been mired in controversy during its initial run in the league followed by a one-off season last year when the  Oklahoma Flying Aces out of Enid, Okla., went inactive due to, "Unforeseen workman’s compensation insurance issues would prevent participation for this season."

Now with new owners, Dr. Jammie Phillips, Dodge City; Chad and Brock Kerr, Dodge City; Kurt Litton, Dodge City; Dennis Boyles, Liberal; Jeremy Farr, Garden City; Tom Harmon, Ingalls and Jeff Hilger, Lakin — the Storm are looking to start fresh in both the league and Dodge City.

"I'd like to thank everyone for coming out tonight," Phillips said. "I'd like to make our announcement of our official team name the Southwest Kansas Storm. The schedule came out today so some people got a little sneak peek which was alright but now you know what we're talking about, we weren't trying to hold secrets we just had to do what we had to do to wait for the time to come."

Phillips introduced the ownership group as well as the coaching staff of head coach Mark Timberlake, offensive coordinator Brandon Venson, defensive coordinator Marquis George and assistant coach Jamar Seard along with general manager Laura Tawater.

"We do want to thank our city, our county commissioners and management people that showed up tonight," Phillips said. "We appreciate all your help in helping us get this contract done and Chris (Ragland), from the arena for helping us get situated. Everything went very smooth and appreciate all the help from everybody for letting this happen, we're very excited about it and we have some amazing talent and coaching, players, this is the first time any of us have ever done this, we've never owned a football team, some of us probably never played football but we watch it and we know how to critique."

The teams first two games were spoken of which will take place in March 2022. The first game will be on the road in Wichita March 12, 2022 then the Storm will be at home March 19, 2022 against Billings, Montana.

Tawater spoke on her focus as being working with corporate sponsors and community members and making sure they are well represented.

"We have gained a lot of energy throughout southwest Kansas already," Tawater said. "And just want to really thank the City of Dodge City for working with us, partnering with us, United Wireless Arena and Ford County, we thank you big time."

Timberlake also addressed the audience saying, "We really appreciate the ownership group and all the steps you've done already. Having a group of guys and girls involved makes everything so much easier. It's a very tight knight group and it's exciting to watch them work."

Timberlake spoke on some of the players that will be joining the Storm such as Oklahoma State wide receiver Torrance Carr; Baylor University wide receiver Antwan Goodley; Oklahoma State defensive lineman Ben Hughes and Baylor University defensive back Kiante' Griffin.

Timberlake mentioned the signing of other players however did not name them but did say one is, "Six-foot, eight, 350 pounds and got another guy that's six-four, 340 and we're just starting."

Phillips added, "We're very excited about our future. Everything has been amazing. The support and everything."

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