City reaches agreement for streetscape design, inspection services

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe

An agreement was reached with TranSystems for the design and inspection services for the Downtown Streetscape Project for downtown Dodge City.

The agreement will be for the inspection and design "facelift" for Front Street from 3rd Avenue to Central Avenue from the building face to Wyatt Earp Boulevard along with 1st Avenue from Wyatt Earp Boulevard to Gunsmoke Street, 2nd Avenue from Front Street to Gunsmoke Street, 3rd Avenue from Wyatt Earp Boulevard to Gunsmoke Street, and Central Avenue from Wyatt Earp Boulevard to Vine Street.

According to city director of engineering Ray Slattery, the amount of the agreement will be for $718,885.

Of the $718,855, $89,500 will be for the design and $629,385 for the construction inspection. Design funding will come from the STAR Bonds.

"As you know staff and TranSystems and LK Architecture have been working on this project for some time," Slattery said, "and we're to a point now where we're ready to finalize the plans based on another item shortly with the construction manager at-risk."

According to Slattery, with the amendment agreement it will bring the total contract with TranSystems to $1,281,255.

Commissioners Kent Smoll, Rick Sowers and Joe Nuci each shared their concerns with allocating the funding for the design and inspection before knowing overall total cost of the streetscape project.

However, Nuci asked Slattery if the amended agreement needed to be approved to move on to the next step.

"At this point in time, yes," Slattery said.

With the $629,385, those funds will be an up front allocation and may not be used in its entirety for the inspection, similarly used when the Boot Hill Museum funding was put together for its expansion.

The design and inspection agreement was approved with a 5-0 vote.

For the Downtown Streetscape Project, commissioners also unanimously approved Building Solutions, LLC be the construction manager at-risk for the project.

With the approval of the CMR, it will assist in finalizing the phasing, sequencing and construction methods as well as engineering. At some point the city hopes in Q1 of 2022, Building Solutions will provide the Gross Maximum Price of the Downtown Streetscape Project for final approval.

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