Republicans hold convention for county treasurer

Scott D. Fischer
Ford County Republican Party Chairman

The Ford County Republican Central Committee will be hosting a convention to fill the office of Ford County Treasurer vacated by Debra Pennington.

Pennington served in the treasurer's office for a remarkable 44 years. She was elected as county treasurer in 2001 and served with excellence until her retirement June 1.

The convention will be held at the Ford County Sheriff's Office meeting room, 11211 E. Comanche Street in Dodge City at 7 p.m. on June 8.

The purpose of the convention will be to select a replacement for the vacated office of the Ford County Treasurer.

The Republican precinct committee men and women of Ford County will nominate candidates and cast ballots to determine the successor of Pennington.

The individual selected is sent to the Governor of Kansas who then makes the appointment.