U & I Riders Kennel Cleanup Day coming up at Pet Miracle

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe
Unity & Individuality Riders will be holding a "Kennel Cleanup Day" at 8 a.m Saturday, June 27, at the Pet Miracle Network, located at 11451 E. US-50 highway. Volunteers are requested.

Unity & Individuality Riders will be holding a “Kennel Cleanup Day” at the Pet Miracle Network no-kill shelter at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 27.

The cleanup is looking for volunteers who can paint, do lawn work, disinfect areas and other minor repairs, among other necessary work.

Food will be provided and donations will also be accepted.

U & I Riders is a Dodge City-based nonprofit organization made up of like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts, that come together to support their community.

U & I Riders began its community initiatives five years ago before they were named, by fundraising Relay For Life to help a community woman battling cancer.

Since then, they have tried to hold a few benefit rides or “Poker Runs,” a year to help raise money for local individuals and other nonprofits in need.

Typically, they gather and collect money from sponsors a few months in advance prior to the main fundraising event, where they then ride about 150 to 200 miles, stopping in towns to play games and earn points. Riders do sign a liability waiver.

Upon returning, points are tallied up and cash prizes are issued, which are subsequently donated to the cause of their fundraising efforts in most cases.

In the case of the Pet Miracle Network, located at 11451 E. US-50 highway, rather than a “Poker Run,” they will be gathering, together with volunteers, to work on some necessary improvements to the facility for a day.

Longtime Dodge City native Monica Seaton initially just fostered senior dogs, before becoming licensed and establishing the Pet Miracle Network, to take in and care for all dogs without a home. She has done this through her own self-financing means.

After more than 30 years of fostering dogs with her own funds, the facility had come to need work.

As Seaton is under budget, U & I Riders and volunteers, including Denton Construction, Zac DeVoss Constructions and McVey Construction, will be donating their services in helping her revitalize the Pet Miracle Network.

“We’ve got the muscle and people to do it, so this is quite a bit different than what we normally do,” U & I Rider board member Jennifer McCabe said.

McCabe added a “Poker Run” to raise additional funds for the Pet Miracle Network is coming in August.

Anyone wanting to volunteer can reach via Facebook Messenger any of the following U & I Rider board members: John Kisner, Janae Martinez, Sofia Mondragon, Ponda Soza, Jennifer McCabe or Rod Knoeber or message the U & I Riders Facebook Page.

Donations can be made to https://paypal.me/pools/campaign/11390354200976025.

Funds will go directly to the Pet Miracle Network.