Former Green Beret visits Comanche Beverage Outlet

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe
Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey co-founder and ex-Special Forces Capt. Mark Nustch talked with customers, let them sample bourbon and autographed product bottles Saturday at Comanche Beverage Outlet located on 1703 N 14th Ave.

One of the founders of Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey and former Green Beret, Capt. Mark Nutsch, was the special guest of Comanche Beverage Outlet on June 13, when he talked to customers and signed bottles of their signature bourbon.

Nutsch is traveling to stores that sell Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey under Kansas-based distributor Worldwide Beverage Group, promoting the product.

Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey is named after the 5th Special Forces Group Operational Detachment Alpha 595, which made an insertion into northern Afghanistan, notoriously just on horseback, with the mission of overthrowing Taliban influence just days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center.

An unconventional tactic, this earned ODA 595 the moniker “Horse Soldiers,” and their exploits where the basis for the movie “12 Strong.”

Their story is also told in the CNN documentary “Legion of Brothers,” and they are memorialized by America’s Response Monument located at Ground Zero.

The company was started over six years ago. Nutsch and others from ODA 595 after they retired from service began distribution two years ago to time with the release of “12 Strong.”

Unique with Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey, their glass bottles are molded by steel that was recovered from the World Trade Center as commemoration to those that lost their lives during the attacks.

Currently living in Leavenworth, Nutsch grew up in North Central Kansas, where he participated in rodeo and ranched with his family, who today still ranch in the Flint Hills.

Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey began distribution in Kansas in February and distributes in eight other states including Texas, Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, New York, Nevada and California.

“In today’s market we can actually ship to 30 States,” said Nutsch.

Nutsch is with the Speakers Bureau and continues to tell the story of ODA 595 all over Kansas at a variety of venues.

For more information, visit Horse Soldier Bourbon’s YouTube channel or their website at