Compass receives pandemic relief funding

Vincent Marshall

Support has been made for disaster relief funding to Compass Behavioral Health for Ford and Hodgeman County recently.

The funding of $10,000 was made by ITC Great Plains a transmission-only utility.

“The health and emotional well-being of our communities is now more important than ever before,” said Brett Leopold, president of ITC Great Plains. “We are pleased to support the work of the Compass Behavioral Health Center to provide much needed services throughout Southwest Kansas during these extraordinary times.”

As the pandemic began sweeping across the state, treatment options began changing especially for those with mental health.

Among the changes were more telemedicine and telehealth remote treatment and video consults made through Compass Dodge City Outpatient.

“The support from companies like ITC Great Plains will help in combating a decline in behavioral health status that accompanies isolation and lack of connectivity. Increased risk of suicide and hospitalization are significant issues of concern,” said Vicki Broz, Compass region II director.

The outpatient staff made up of medical providers, therapists, case managers, mental health assistants and peer support workers that allow clients to address behavioral health needs.

According to Compass, youth have struggled with the sudden loss of structure and academic support in addition to being confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Compass has increased its outreach to youth and families along with telehealth groups put in place so children and adults can resume support contact with peers.

Some of the effects from COVID-19 have been relationships in the home as well as financial stress, sleep and schedule changes and possible increase in the use of substances.

Anxiety of the virus has also effected employment, a fear of catching the illness, depression from isolation due to stay at home orders, as well as the need to social distance from support systems all exacerbate behavioral health issues.

Behavioral Health crisis services are available. Compass Behavioral Health in Dodge City is located at 706 Avenue L and can be reached at 620-227-8566.

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