City realigns street projects

Vincent Marshall

City officials discussed reallocating funding for street projects at the Monday commission meeting.

According to Hernandez, the project of the realigning of 6th and 7th Avenue near the former Lincoln Elementary School area does not need to happen in the short term.

"We will continue to design it and get it completed so we do have it on the shelf for future use," Hernandez said.

According to city officials, the current proposed list of asphalt streets that engineering would like to include in the project is still subject to change and will not be official until it is put out to bid next week. It could also change depending on how bids come in.

The city also said that if better bids come in than estimated, more could be added to the list. However, if bids are not as favorable as hoped, the list may need to be trimmed back to move forward with the project.

The 6th/7th Avenue Realignment project is still moving forward with the design with the general obligation bond earmarked for its construction being reallocated to the larger asphalt street project.

By doing a mill overlay on several streets, the life expectancy of those streets would be a minimum of 10 years.

"But if we look at the chip seal budget and mill overlay budget we're looking at about $2.7 or $2.8 million a year," Hernandez said. "With that perspective you can issue bonds and we pay on those for 20-plus years or we can pass a half-cent sales tax and you can do this every year, pay for it every year, and do bigger projects every couple of years and never go into debt."

Instead of doing projects for $2.8 million, the city could do projects every year without having interest costs.

"So realistically, if we did this project once a year for every 10 years, every road would be touched," Mayor Joyce Warshaw said. "What is the best estimation on playing catch-up and for how long?"

By committing $2.8 million a year, Hernandez said, the city would be caught up with street project maintenance in an estimated four years.

"That doesn't address the realignment of Central Avenue, that doesn't take into consideration major improvements of Comanche Street," Hernandez said. "With enhancements or improvements, those will have to come from debt service or other funding sources."

According to Commissioner Joseph Nuci, one of the major complaints commissioners receive is street maintenance.

"I like the fact that you took a small three-block out of this and added so much to it. I like it," Nuci said.

Commissioner Brian Delzeit added, "I like it too, we just need to figure out how to pay for it."

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