Burn victim, wife hosting dinner benefit

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe

FOWLER — Ty and Jennifer White, of Fowler, will host a benefit dinner July 17 in order to raise money for Ty White’s medical bills.

The event will run from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Fowler Christian Church, located at 600 Elm Street, and meals will be free upon financial donation.

Ty White, an expert ammunition loader of 20 years, was working in the ammunition shop on Oct. 23, 2019, where he and his wife make blank rounds for Cowboy Mounted Shooting Sports, when he was caught in a sudden and near-fatal accident that left him with several second- and third-degree burns on about 56% of his body.

While working at the ammunition machine, Ty indirectly caused a spark that set off a chain of explosions, starting with a pound and a half of black powder that in turn detonated about 2,000 rounds of ammunition around his legs and feet.

“He literally came out of the shop with his clothes on fire,” said Jennifer. “It was a freak accident, he thought he had the power cut to everything, and something went wrong.”

Ty had to be airlifted to the burn unit of Ascension Via Saint Francis Hospital in Wichita, where he faced an uphill battle.

He was not projected to live, and Jennifer said he had almost died twice.

According to Jennifer, the second time, when the doctor said there was not much else they could do, Ty White’s condition surprised them by stabilizing abruptly.

After, doctors told Jennifer that if there were no signs of neurological recovery, that they were going to approach her about putting her husband on end-of-life comfort care and allowing him to pass. Ty still had a severe temperature at the time, as well as a near-deflated lung from breathing in so much black powder.

“We literally watched this turn around, we saw him start healing and get better and begin to move again,” said Jennifer.

It was anticipated that even after having major skin grafts all over his body, all the way down to his fingernails, that Ty would become a quadriplegic.

Ty was moved to the rehab center around Dec. 26, 2019, and was cleared to go home Jan. 10.

Since then, Ty has resumed living life, even going back work, loading ammunition in a limited capacity and riding horses, and he hopes to get be able to compete in Cowboy Mounted Shooting Sports again.

Jennifer has a book coming out within the next two months, chronicling her husband’s accident and recovery, titled “I Will Restore.”

While the initial $8.5 million worth of bills has since gone down, Ty and Jennifer are still hosting this benefit to finish paying the medical bills that they have and those that they are still receiving.

People will be able to visit Ty and Jennifer about their experience at the benefit.

For those unable to attend but still interested in finding out how they can donate, call Mark Dierking at 620-952-9869 or Jennifer White at 620-635-6063.