Dodge City CVB unveils new 'Be Your West' logo

Vincent Marshall
The city of Dodge City and Dodge City Convention & Visitors Bureau unveiled a new logo to be used for the city.

In an effort to appeal to a new generation of visitors, the Dodge City Convention & Visitors Bureau unveiled a new logo for the CVB as well as for the city of Dodge City.

"We wanted to appeal to a new generation of visitors to Dodge City without losing the Wild West history that has made us an attractive destination," said CVB manager Megan Welsh, manager at Dodge City CVB.

According to the CVB, an addendum for the addition of City Brand Standards was also approved to create a more cohesive brand for the entire municipality while allowing for a more elaborate sub-brand for the CVB to promote entertainment and tourism as part of the project.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, which halted the tourism industry in late March, the logo project began in December 2019 with funding allocated through the City Transient Guest Tax.

"We are conscious to act responsibly with taxpayer funds, as it is important to consolidate our branding for long-term residents, businesses, and economic development opportunities that are presented to the city of Dodge City beyond tourism,“ said Dodge City city manager Nick Hernandez.

The new CVB logo was selected through customer feedback with the "Be Your West" theme and design created by branding firm A|D Creative Group.

Assistant city manager Melissa McCoy said Dodge City now has a unified identity to reflect its regional leadership position, unify its range of services and take the city into the future.

"The new identity will deliver more impact, strength, flexibility and reduce confusion as to who is delivering services," McCoy said. "It will build greater long-term identification and align with promoting a destination location for visitors and future businesses."

By creating a unified look with the CVB and city of Dodge City logo, the CVB says it will be more comprehensive and cost-effective.

"By speaking with one voice, under one brand, we will present a united front with all of our individual programs contributing to Dodge City's reputation for excellence in leadership, innovation and community service," Hernandez said.

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The Dodge City Convention & Visitors Bureau unveiled a new logo to be used for the CVB with the tagline "Be Your West."