Six pick up wins at Little DCRP

Lonnie Wheatley
Special to The Globe
Keenan Hernandez won his first Advanced Junior Sprint win of the year over the weekend at Dodge City Raceway Park.

The Micro Sprint and Kart ranks beat the approaching rain by hustling through Sunday night’s second round of competition atop the 1/7-mile Little DCRP clay oval.

Deekan McRoberts doubled up for the second time in as many attempts with triumphant runs in both the Junior Karts and Novice Junior Sprints.

Tanner Johnson fought off Buddy Mullens to win the Non-Wing “A” Class main event before Mullens held off Mal Mullens and Johnson for Winged “A” Class honors.

Keenan Hernandez scored his first Advanced Junior Sprint win of the year while Randle McRoberts and Daniel Williams both made it two wins in a row in the Open Outlaws Karts and Adult Karts, respectively.

The Little DCRP clay oval resumes action on Sunday, Aug. 9.

The finishes:

Winged “A” Class: 1. 75m-Buddy Mullens, 2. 751-Mal Mullens, 3. 86-Tanner Johnson, 4. 9-Jaden Holder, 5. 98-Kohl Ricke, 6. 72-Kye Ricke.

Non-Wing “A” Class: 1. 86-Tanner Johnson, 2. 75m-Buddy Mullens, 3. 9-Jaden Holder, 4. 27-Shea Ricke.

Junior Sprints (Advanced): 1. 3k-Keenan Hernandez, 2. 49h-Isabella Holt, 3. 1s-Cam Smith, 4. 49-Briggs Williams.

Junior Sprints (Novice): 1. 75-Deekan McRoberts, 2. 57b-Bryan Isenbart.

Open Outlaw Karts: 1. 75-Randle McRoberts, 2. 2T-Trevor Smith, 3. 7-Brian Rogers, Jr., 4. 14-Brian Rogers.

Adult Karts: 1. 212-Daniel Williams, 2. 44-Jonathan Smith, 3. 21-Jaden Smith, 4. 5-Gage Robertson, 5. 22x-Jordan Smith, 6. 9x-Dakota Schellhamer, 7. 10-Caitlin Holt, 8. 22-Cindy Holt, 9. 29-Noah Illk, 10. 316-Brent Austin.

Junior Karts: 1. 75-Deekan McRoberts, 2. 8T-Travis Pack, 3. 1x-Reis Ochs, 4. 51-Caelb Peterson, 5. 57-Aiden Cox, 6. 22-Ayden Correll, 7. 54c-Caleb Gresty, 8. 45-Ryker Williams, 9. 01jr-Rase Smith.