City approves 2020 street project

Vincent Marshall

City commissioners approved the construction of the 2020 asphalt street projects recently.

According to city officials, the bid for the project was approved for Klotz Sand Co. for $1,945,795.50 and will be funded through the general obligation bonds.

According to city director of engineering Ray Slattery, the engineer estimate for the bid was for $2,100,061.

"Several of the streets in this project were picked by utilizing the 2017 PCI score and consulted with the public works division in looking at what the street maintenance has been over the past couple of years," Slattery said.

PCI is an Army Corps of Engineers score used to summarize a roadway segments overall condition.

Slattery also asked permission to adjust quantities to utilize all the funding budgeted for this project and will effect close to 10.5 miles of the city's asphalt streets.

"With the chip sealing project currently going on," Slattery said, "we will touch an additional 8 miles of asphalt streets which combined will effect 19.4% of our asphalt streets."

A change order will be brought to the commission at a later date for approval of the additional funding that will be available due to the low bid from the engineer's estimate.

The estimated start date from Klotz Sand would be Sept. 29 with more than likely a winter shutdown and a return in the spring.

According to Slattery, the specifications for completion of the projects would be May 24, 2021.

The street project was approved unanimously with a 5-0 vote.

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Central Ave. — US-50 highway — South End

Soule St. — Hart St. — 13th Ave.

Underpass Road — E. Wyatt Earp Blvd. — E. Trail St.

S. 14th Ave. — McArtor Road — US-400/56 highway

1st Ave. — Wyatt Earp Blvd. — Trail St.

Shirlane St. — Ave. A — Doralane Ave.

Mellane St. — Ave. A — Doralane Ave.

Tanglewood Dr. — Ave. A — Cannery Row

Toalson Ave. — Plains St. — W. Ross Blvd.

Gary Ave. — Mellane St. — W. Ross Blvd.

Cannery Row — Cannery Row — Gary Ave.

Anna Ave. — Saint Joseph St. — E. Ross Blvd.

E. Frontview Rd. — Kliesen St. — W. Frontview Rd.

W. Frontview Rd. — N. 14th Ave. — West Of Center St.

Hi St. — 14th Ave. — Hi St.

Layton St. — 6th Ave. — Hart St.

13th Ave. — Soule Street — Burr Parkway

Burr Parkway — Burr Parkway — 13th Ave.

Circle Lake Drive — Ave. P — Elbow Bend

Elbow Bend — Shadow Lane — Circle Lake Drive

Fairway Drive — E. Comanche St. — Ruth Ann Drive

Lavista Blvd. — Crescent Drive — Ave. A

Roanoke Drive — University Drive — E. Plaza Ave.

Greenwood Ave. — Homewood Ave. — W. Division St.

Lasalle St. — W. Wyatt Earp Blvd. — Linn St.

W. Cedar St. — 12th Ave. — N. 14th Ave.

11th Ave. — W. Ash St. — W. Brier St.

12th Ave. — W. Spruce St. — Vine St.

W. Division Ave. — 11th Ave. — 14th Ave.

Diane Dr. — Wright Ave. — Wright Ave.

Bristol Ave. — Tomahawk Road — Division St.

Tomahawk Road — Bristol Ave. — Lasalle St.

10th Ave. — W. Wyatt Earp Blvd. — W. Cedar St.

13th Ave. — Vine St. — W. Division St.

13th Ave. — W. Division St. — W. Ash St.

Greenwood Ave. — W. Division St. — Tomahawk Road

Westlawn Ave. — Spruce St. — W. Wyatt Earp Blvd.

W. Ash St. — 13th Ave. — N. 14th Ave.

Ave. K — 13th Ave. — N. 14th Ave.

Ave K. — E. Wyatt Earp Blvd. — Military Ave.

Ave. K Ct. — Ave. K — End

Mulberry Circle — Ave. K — Mulberry Court

Military Ave. — Ave. N — Ave. P

Elm St. — Ave D. — Ave. G

E Brier St. — Ave. D — Ave. H

Sunflower Ave. — E. Sycamore St. — Poplar St.

Agnes St. — Rath Ave. — Frontage Road

Crawford Ave. — Robinson St. — E. Sycamore St.

Grant St. — Flora Ave. — Morrison Ave.

Flora Ave. — W. Beeson Road — Grant St.

Pearl St. – Minneola Road — Clark St.