Voting mailer not sent by county

Debbie Cox
Ford County Clerk

Registered voters have been receiving a mailer from an organization called The Center for Voter Information located in Springfield Mo. Which includes applications for advance voting by mail that are already filled out with their information. This has caused quite a bit of confusion for voters.

Please be aware that this mailer information is not coming from the Ford County Election Office.

It is from an outside source. There may also be mailers from other organizations containing advance ballot applications coming as well.

Our office did send out applications for ballots by mail in April and May. They contain two applications, one for the Primary in August and one for the General in November.

If you sent those in, we do not need another application. If you are not, sure, you sent them in you may call our office at 620-227-45501 or 620-227-4550 and we can look it up to see if we received it.

Voters should be aware that it is not a requirement to vote by mail- you may vote in person at the polls on Election Day.

You may vote early in the Rose Room of the Government Center beginning Oct. 15.

If you have sent for a ballot by mail and decide to vote in person after the ballots have been mail out on Oct. 14 you will have to vote provisional.

If you sent in an application and now wish to vote in person and not receive a ballot by mail. Please contact our office in writing before Oct. 14.

If you would like to receive a ballot by mail for the General Election you may use the application you received, please make sure the information is correct, or you may contact the County Clerk’s Office to request a mail ballot application from the local Election Office.

We will have a drop box just for ballots, for people to use for the General Election that will be located inside the door of the Survey/GIS office on the corner of Gunsmoke and Central.

Contact the County Clerk’s Office with any questions of concerns at 620-227-4551.