3-year-old receives Amtryke

Vincent Marshall
Boe Wiens, 3, received a new Amtryke from Dodge City AMBUCS in partnership with Swaim Funeral Home of Dodge City. His little brother had no problem pushing him around.

Boe Wiens, 3, is the latest recipient of an Amtryke from Dodge City AMBUCS, in partnership with Swaim Funeral Home of Dodge City.

According to the AMBUCS, all across the nation, chapters raise funds to donate Amtrykes to riders who are unable to operate traditional bikes.

For more than two decades, these specially designed cycles have provided therapeutic benefits to both children and adults, while enhancing their quality of life.

Amtrykes can be hand- or foot-powered and accommodate riders of all sizes, ages and abilities. They improve fitness, coordination, self-esteem and, more importantly, are fun to ride.

AMBUCS is a nonprofit organization consisting of men and women dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities who partner with local businesses to help in their efforts.

The tricycles are custom made for people at their particular age.

However, as children get older, the tricycles can then be adjusted to fit their growth.

When they reach a certain age, or height and weight, those tricycles can then be exchanged for a larger size and the older tricycle is then recycled.

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