Wife of Fowler burn survivor releases book

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe

FOWLER — Jennifer White, of Fowler, wife of recovering burn victim Ty White, has recently released a book, “I Will Restore,” about what the family went through during their ordeal of survival.

Back in October 2019, Ty White, an expert ammunition loader of 20 years, was working in the ammunition shop, where he and his wife make blank rounds, when he was caught in a sudden and near-fatal explosion that left him with several severe burns.

Ty White had no signs of neurological recovery, a deflated lung and a constant severe temperature, and it was told that even if he did recover and after a series of major skin grafts all over his body, that he was likely to be quadriplegic.

Doctors even approached Jennifer White and recommended she consider putting her husband on end-of-life comfort care so that he may pass.

“I Will Restore,” published by Westbow Book Publishing, tells the story of the physical and spiritual plight that Jennifer and Ty faced as they defied the unending odds against them.

The real-life narrative very heavily reflects the devout beliefs of Jennifer, her husband, and other like-minded people.

“It’s kind of like a daily account of the different happenings with him [Ty] as a burn victim and what I went through as his wife, as well,” said Jennifer White. “It runs just from before the accident clear to about the middle part of March.”

In July 2020, Jennifer and Ty White hosted a benefit dinner to raise money for Ty’s medical bills, as well as support his recovery. At the time, Ty had healed enough to go back to work loading ammunition in a limited capacity and with more caution, and even ride horses again.

According to Jennifer White, since then Ty White is almost back to completely doing everything he was doing prior to his accident and they have taken care of almost all his medical bills.

His current ongoing recovery efforts includes therapy to increase the activity in his hands, so much so that he is projected to resume shooting competitions next year.

“He is doing things that people said he would never be able to do again,” said Jennifer White. “He’s gone from not being able to get on a horse to being able to compete in some way, shape or form.”

Jennifer and Ty are currently just trying to resume their ammo business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, which Jennifer said has made them busy still, and moving on with life.

“The book is really just an opportunity for us to share our story with the world,” said Jennifer White. “We got shown a lot of miracles in this process and this is definitely a story of inspiration and hope.

“I would tell people from my experience to never give up, don’t stop because it takes a lot of relentless perseverance in just not yourself but your faith to get you through this. I’m really hoping to convey this message.”

Jennifer White is working a sequel to “I Will Restore,” which will serve as a continuation of their story, and she said it will be more about the grieving process that she and Ty White went through and how much different that process is when someone survives an accident like they had versus when someone is expected to pass away.

“I Will Restore” is available through www.wetbowpress.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.