Election dates to remember

Debbie Cox
Ford County Clerk

After a busy election month, I feel compelled to remind electors of their voting responsibilities. I also want to let you know about the General Election information.

As a Kansas elector, you have the responsibility to:

— Register to vote at least 21 days before the election.

— The last day to register to vote for the General Election, is Oct. 13.

— Provided Government issued identification when voting.

— Respect the privacy and voting rights of others.

— Read and follow instructions.

— Follow all federal and state voting laws.

— Follow voting procedures established by the county election officer and precinct election.

— Report illegal activities such as electioneering, denial of voting rights, bribery, fraud, misrepresentation or other alleged election crimes to the precinct election board, the county election officer or the secretary of state.

— Review your ballot before casting it to ensure it is complete and correct.

—Be informed about the candidates and issues on the ballot.

— Keep your voter registration and address records current in the county election office.

At the Aug. 4, election, there were 81 provisional ballots cast.

Many of those were votes cast by people who were not registered in Ford County or address changes/name changes.

To be eligible to vote in an election, the voter registration application must be completed and postmarked by the 21st day before the election.

Whenever you move or change your name, you must re-register.

Visit the Kansas Secretary of State’s webpage for information regarding voting rights & responsibilities: https://www.kssos.org/forms/elections/voter_rights.pdf.

If you are unsure of your registration record, please call before the election deadline to check to see if your information is up to date! 620-227-4551 or 620-227-4550.

It will save you time at the polling place, and it will assure you of a properly cast ballot.

Voter registration applications are available online: http://www.kssos.org/forms/elections/voterregistration.pdf

Advance ballot applications are available online: http://www.kssos.org/forms/elections/AV1.pdf or on the Ford County website under the Elections tab.www.fordcounty.net.

We will be mailing out ballots for the November General Election on Oct. 14.

If you have sent in an application for a ballot to be mailed to you, and you now wish to vote in person, please send something in writing to our office at 100 Gunsmoke St. to remove your application.

If you receive a ballot by mail and go to the polls to vote you will be required to vote provisional.

This is a way that we can make sure that another ballot was not mailed back voted.

You may leave your ballot that you received by mail at the polling location. It will be brought back to the office and counted that night.

We will begin to use the Drop Box that is just inside the door of the corner office on Gunsmoke and Central the door is marked Surveyor/GIS. You may drop your ballot in the drop box to save on postage and you will not have to come into the main building.

All ballots that are hand delivered must be in the clerk’s office by 7 p.m. Election night, our office is open on Election Day for drop offs. The Drop Box doors are locked at 5 p.m.

Ballots that are returned by mail must be post marked on or before Election Day and received in the Clerks office by the Friday after Election. Please remember to sign the back of the Envelope before returning your mail ballot.

Advance in office voting will start Oct. 15 hours will be 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

We will officer three evening voting days; Tuesday Oct. 27, Wednesday Oct. 28 and Thursday Oct. 29.

Voting on those days will be 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. We will have two Saturday voting days. Saturday Oct. 24 and Saturday Oct. 31 the Saturday voting times will be 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. both Saturdays.