Republicans hold headquarters ribbon cutting

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe
"Big First" congressional candidate Tracey Mann cuts the ribbon officially opening the Republican Party Headquarters building, located at 2500 Central Ave. Suite G. in Dodge City on Sept. 4. PHOTO BY JUDD WEIL/DODGE CITY DAILY GLOBE

Dodge City Republicans attended the ribbon cutting ceremony on Sept. 4, organized by the Wild West Republican Women’s Club and Ford County GOP, for the grand opening of its party’s Republican Headquarters building.

The ribbon was cut by the Kansas 1st Congressional District’s Republican candidate, Tracey Mann.

The Republican Headquarters building, located on 2500 Central Ave. Suite G, will be leased to be open until Nov. 3 and will serve as a central location for Republican candidates to bring their promotional campaign items, such as yard signs, to be distributed to the public.

The Republican Headquarters will also hold small events, as well as distribute other conservative materials, such as pro-life information and President Donald Trump merchandise.

Typically at every major election cycle, county Republicans and Democrats rent spaces in the Village Square Mall to promote their respective party, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, they were unable to do that.

“So basically we want to get information out, we want to get our Republican candidates elected, and so that’s why we want people to know where we are,” said organizer Laura Tawater, First District Vice Chair for the Kansas Republican party and president of the Wild West Republican Women’s Club.

Tawater first addressed all in attendance by thanking and recognizing Republican candidates or their representatives and elected officials for joining the ceremony including Tracey Mann, representatives from Sen. Pat Roberts’ office, Sen. Jerry Moran’s office, Rep. Roger Marshall’s office, and family of Sen. Bud Estes, as well as members of the Ford County commission and Dodge City commission.

The headquarters will be open from noon to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

Tawater reminded the audience that the building is being staffed with volunteers and that the building will run on donations to cover rent and utilities for two months before giving the stand to Tracey Mann to share a few words.

“It’s a thrill an honor to get to be the 1st district Republican nominee,” said Mann. “Rest assured we’re taking nothing for granted, we are also working to help to make sure we bring all other Republicans along the finish line to victory with us, and that’s true of everybody here.”

Mann shared his views with the public, telling them he thought the recent Republican Nation Convention was a reset nationally for the presidential race and stating that Republicans have a “very bright future as a party.”

“It makes me optimistic for the future of this country at a time where it feels like the country is being ripped away from us,” said Mann.

Mann believes that during these elections, it is important that they support President Trump and local offices.

He also encouraged people to support Senate candidate Roger Marshall and to raise Republican voter turnout in Ford County to offset other areas in Kansas where they have lost votes.

From their people gathered in front of the new Republican Headquarters building, where Mann cut the ribbon, officially opening it to local Republicans.

For more information and to make donations contact Tawater at 620-430-7767.

The Republican Headquarters on Central Avenue in Dodge City displayed several items throughout the office for the upcoming 2020 election as well as opportunities to pick up yard signs for Republican candidates in the House of Representatives, Senate and presidential race for both state and Federal races. PHOTO BY JUDD WEIL/DODGE CITY DAILY GLOBE