From The Election Office

Special to the Globe

The Nov. 3, General Election will be here soon. Here are a few things that can be done before a voter goes to the polls that may help with long lines and provisional ballots.

You must be registered to vote in Kansas. The last to day to register for the General Election is Oct. 13. If you have moved or changed your name, you will need to re-register.

You can register to vote on line, with the Sec. Of States Office or just go to the Ford County website and you will find a link to down load a registration application. You may email, mail or fax that back to our office.

Make sure you have the proper photo ID to present at the polling place.

There is a list of acceptable ID documents on

Advance voting by mail is a very easy way for voters to vote.

It’s available to anyone.

If you are going to be out of town, or don’t want to wait in line at the polling place, call our office at 620-227-4551 to receive an application for a ballot by mail.

You can also go to the Ford County website ( and download an application for an advance ballot, fill it out and then mail or e-mail to or fax it back to us.

Fax 620-227-4699. The Ford County Elections office sent applications out in May for the Primary and General Election, if you chose to use them.

We will have a ballot drop box that we will be using. It will be located in the corner office at the corner of Gunsmoke and Central. Hour it will be open are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Election Day it will be open until 7 p.m.

You may also drop your ballot off at the polling locations on Election Day.

If you are mailing your ballot back. The ballot must be post mark on or before Election Day and in the Election Office no later than the Friday after Election Day.

If you are a voter who has a permanent disability that prevents you from going to the polling place, you may call our office at 620-227-4551 and request to be placed on the “Permanent Advance Voter List”. This means that you will be on a list to receive a ballot for every election in which you are entitled to vote without calling us each time.

Early voting is also available in the Rose Room of the Government Center, beginning on October 15, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and continues through noon on Nov. 2. The Rose Room is located in the basement of the Government Center.

This year we will offer two Saturdays to vote, Oct. 24 and Oct. 31. Voting will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

There will be three days that voting will be until 7:00 pm. Tuesday Oct. 27, Wednesday Oct. 28, and Thursday Oct. 29. Voting those days will be 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

You may view the list of Candidates for the Nov. 3 General Election, on the Ford County Website under the link, 2020 Candidate names for ballots.

You may also view your ballot at Kansas Voter View at

If you request your ballot be mailed, you may also trace your ballot to make sure we receive it back.