Renewal with Stanguard Aquatics made for 1 year

Vincent Marshall
City commissioners renewed the contract with Stanguard Aquatics to manage Long Branch Lagoon for one year expiring on Oct. 1, 2021.

City commissioners renewed an agreement with Stanguard Aquatics for managing the Long Branch Lagoon during its meeting on Monday.

Stanguard Aquatics has been the managers of the water park since 2016 and an agreement for extension with the LLC had been renewed through Oct. 1, 2020.

The new agreement extends the management deal through Oct. 1, 2021.

According to city manager Nick Hernandez, attempts were made to bring the management of the water park in-house under the city. However, due to the upcoming departure of city parks and recreation director Troy Brown, Hernandez said it wasn't feasible to do it in such a short period of time for the new incoming director.

"It is definitely something to consider for next year," Hernandez said. "But we didn't want to have to take that big of a leap with him leaving."

Attorneys for the city and Ford County and Ford County commissioners approved the renewal.

According to Brown, a key issue with moving the management for the water park in-house is for the city to monitor the maintenance of the facility in the off season and winterization of the pumps.

"Our staff I feel does a better job of monitoring that," Brown said. "Stanguard is not able to do the maintenance that needs to be done. We worked with public works on replacing a pump earlier this year."

Commissioners approved the renewal with a 5-0 vote.

Commissioners also approved an amendment to an ordinance changing a legal description regarding the Rural Housing Incentive District for Wagon Wheel 3.

According to city officials, the original ordinance was incomplete and a correction needed to be made.

"The ordinance we are amending was passed by the commission in May of this year," said Brad Ralph, attorney for the city. "As the commission is aware we've done numbers of these as statutory process and in this particular instance, I missed a legal description as we identify the district in meets and balance of the property for Wagon Wheel 3."

The legal description amended the tract of land in the southwest quarter of Section 13, Township 26 beginning at the northeast corner of lot 9 in the Wagon Wheel Addition of housing.

The description needed to match what the commissioners approved this past May.

"It was a simple fix to make the amendment to make sure it doesn't happen again," Ralph said. "There was no impact in the exhibits but there could have been and followed all the procedures."

Commissioners approved the amendment 5-0.

An application for a grant was approved for $250,000 for a new housing build through the Community Housing Association of Dodge City and partnership with Dodge City Community College to build a new house at 1601 Mulberry Circle in Dodge City.

"We apply every year," said special projects coordinator Mollea Wainscott. "It used to be we received funds about every other year and last year would have been our off year but we received funds last year."

Commissioners approved the application with a 5-0 vote.

Commissioners approved a bid for two wingdeck mowers and three mid mount mowers from Kansas Golf and Turf for $117,800 and Moridge Manufacturing for $29,802.75.

Parks and facilities divisions will obtain the use of the mowers to be used for city parks, cemetery, athletic fields and rights-of-way.

According to director of administration Ryan Reid, the older mowers will be used for parts and sold to auction.

"The two midmount mowers were budgeted for this year and the others were budgeted for next year," Reid said.

Funding will be used from the Municipal Reserve fund, according to city finance director Nicole May.

Commissioners approved the mower purchases with a 5-0 vote.

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