Ford County COVID-19 case updates

Vincent Marshall

On Friday, Sept. 25, there were 44 new COVID-19 cases added to the county total, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

On Monday, Sept. 28, there were 59 new cases.

Since Wednesday, Sept. 23, there has been one new hospitalization and one new patient discharge.

Testing rates increased with 369 new tests since Sept. 23 on Monday with a testing rate of 302.2 per 1,000 people, which keeps Ford County the highest per 1,000 testing rate county in the state.

For Dodge City Public Schools, as of Sept. 25 there are 21 active cases amongst staff and students.

According to Dodge City Unified School District 443, Bright Beginnings has one staff and one student; Dodge City High School has five students; Dodge City Middle School has two staff; Linn Elementary has two students; Miller Elementary has one staff; Northwest Elementary has two staff; Ross Elementary has one student; one staff at district offices; two in the nutrition department and three staff in the transportation.

According to Ford County physicians adviser R.C. Trotter, the death total due to COVID-19 has risen from 13 but did not have an accurate number.

“There are more but I am unable to track and they are in nursing homes,” Trotter said.

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